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Tiny Taters

18 months - 3 year olds

The perfect introductory class for our smallest athletes! Parents participate in the class to help their little athlete until they are able to attend classes independently.

Goals: Learn to follow one/two step directions, learn to take turns, learn to share; learn to jump with both feet off wedges; climb up stairs; improve basic balance, gain strength by holding own body weight.

Child gymnastics balance beam.  Girl gymnast athlete during an exercise horizontal bar in gymnastics competitions. Coach with child.


3 - 5 year olds

Your little one will be safe in our designated preschool area. Equipment made just for their size helps learn correct form from the beginning. Our kids learn skills on floor, bars, beam, vault and trampoline. They get to finish the fun with some time in our fort!

Goals: Athletes will learn to follows 3-4 step directions; progress as they age from 3-5 in skills such as Forward Rolls followed by Backward Rolls; Tiger Tails followed by Handstand; walking forward and then backward on elevated beam; table top followed by bridge.

Advanced Preschool Options

3 - 5 year olds

We offer two different options for our advanced preschoolers.

Coaches evaluate classes every eight weeks. Once a student achieves the skills necessary their coach will help you decide what class is best for them. We offer an advanced gymnastics class, called "Firecrackers". This is still in our Ekids area, and meets once a week for one hour.

Students who hope to compete on one of our gymnastics teams in the future can advance again to our "Dynamites" class. Dynamites meet two days a week for one hour. If competitive tumbling is more your style, we offer our XFury class for advanced preschoolers. Both of these classes are held in the big gym. Advanced classes are by invitation only, however if your child is interested in competitive training, please talk to someone at the front desk.

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Success Stories

The coaches and staff are phenomenal. Elite has saved my kids mental state in all the chaos of this year. We love getting out of the house and experiencing not only a normal environment, but one that pushes my kids to be their best and grow! We are so grateful for our experience with the summer pass, and look forward to many more classes. Children’s mental and physical health are so important, and Elite nurtures both.

Ashlee Baskins Osborn

It is a fantastic experience with Coach Sheila. She knows what Zoey is capable of and pushes her to be her best every day. She sees her potential and I enjoy seeing the connection and trust zoey has with her. Zoey is very excited to go to gymnastics every time.

Az Whiting

Phenomenal coaches, amazing staff at the front desks and the most compassionate and generous owner I’ve ever met. Hands down the best gym I’ve ever been to.

Noelle Tallent Shaw

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