Tumbling & Trampoline
(TNT Teams)

Elite is proud to offer competitive a Tumbling and Trampoline team, better known as Elite XFactor.

Athletes train specifically on the tumbling apparatus' including rod floor, double mini and on our competitive trampolines.

Pre-team athletes train an average of 2 hours a week. Average tuition is $110 a month.

TNT 6 athletes train an average of 6 hours a week. Tuition is $165 a month.

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Success Stories

The coaches and staff are phenomenal. Elite has saved my kids mental state in all the chaos of this year. We love getting out of the house and experiencing not only a normal environment, but one that pushes my kids to be their best and grow! We are so grateful for our experience with the summer pass, and look forward to many more classes. Children’s mental and physical health are so important, and Elite nurtures both.

Ashlee Baskins Osborn

It is a fantastic experience with Coach Sheila. She knows what Zoey is capable of and pushes her to be her best every day. She sees her potential and I enjoy seeing the connection and trust zoey has with her. Zoey is very excited to go to gymnastics every time.

Az Whiting

Phenomenal coaches, amazing staff at the front desks and the most compassionate and generous owner I’ve ever met. Hands down the best gym I’ve ever been to.

Noelle Tallent Shaw

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